The Open Company Institute The Open Company Initiative

How to Join the Initiative

“The world needs people who see something that needs to be done and start to do it, without permission or advice. They just start doing it.” — Wendell Berry

If your company is committed to openness as a defining element in how you create value, you are an open company, full stop. You don’t need our permission or advice. That said, if you would like to join with like-minded companies in the Open Company Initiative, please email Tim Cook (or submit a pull request) with the following information:

  1. Your name and title;
  2. The name of your company;
  3. A link to your homepage, or a landing page about openness;
  4. A logo file in SVG format;
  5. A one-line description of your company;
  6. One concrete example of how your company already fulfills our pledge.

Our Pledge

We who belong to the Open Company Initiative commit to openness as a defining element in how we create value.


Membership dues are pay what you want via Liberapay.


We maintain a Discord Server where our members, or any interested parties can join to discuss open companies, the initiative, or their specific initiatives.