The Open Company Institute The Open Company Initiative

About the Initiative

The Open Company Initiative (OCI) is a group of companies committed to openness as a defining element in how we create value.

Our Vision

Trust is the foundation of the economy. The law establishes a minimum baseline of trustworthiness, and the status quo for companies is to operate near this baseline. What if we tried to maximize trust?

We envision a world in which companies are generally trustworthy. We believe that the winning companies of the future will be those that proactively maximize trust, going above and beyond the letter of the law to cultivate relationships of trust with customers, stakeholders, and society as a whole. We believe that genuine, unforced corporate openness is the best way to earn trust.

Our Pledge

We who belong to the Open Company Initiative commit to openness as a defining element in how we create value.

Programs and Operations

The OCI maintains a directory of companies that have taken our pledge. However, the OCI is intentionally not a certifying body. Instead, we invite our members to define for themselves how they will fulfill their pledge. We invite innovation and the sharing of both successes and failures. We trust the market and the court of public opinion to be our judge.

The OCI holds an annual summit, bringing together our members to learn from one another and further our vision.

The OCI is housed at The Saxifrage School, a higher education laboratory working to lower costs, foster transparency, re-think the campus, and reconcile theory and practice. The Initiative is funded on Liberapay, and we communicate primarily using GitHub. Some of us can be found on the initiative’s Discord server. We are using Google Analytics to get stats from our site. Our statistics are publicly available here.


The OCI is funded by pay-what-you-want membership dues via Liberapay.

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